BDS Code Consulting is a firm that specializes in review, consulting and teaching for building code and ADA accessibility related fields. Our services include a variety of options to make your job easier and more efficient. From code consulting and plan review to accessibility site survey reports, we have the expertise to help designers and property owners develop safer more cost effective projects.

Our goal is to provide practical solutions to code related design challenges. It has been our privilege to serve the design community in this capacity throughout the southwest for over 3 decades.

Our services include a variety of options to make your job easier and more efficient. As experienced ADA accessibility consultants, we have worked with property managers, real estate professionals, and business owners in Arizona and throughout the Southwest to help identify compliance issues and offer solutions for working towards barrier-free projects. Detailed accessibility reports offer a good benchmark for identifying barriers on a site and setting goals to achieve compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).


Completed Projects


Building Code Analysis

Providing solutions to effectively incorporate code requirements within your project.

ADA Accessibility Review

Full site survey’s and ADA Accessibility plan review for determining site compliance with ADA Standards.

Plan Review

Development Plan Checking for commercial and residential structures, site plans, etc.

Quality Control Review

Review construction documents to check quality of details making for smoother construction workflow and less errors in the field…

Training & Seminars

From basic refresher courses to in depth seminars, get essential building code training with unique insight by qualified professionals…

ADA Site Planning

Development Plan Checking for commercial and residential structures, site plans, etc.

Barrier Removal FAQs

Helpful answers on ADA barrier removal: Where Can I find “Barrier Removal” requirements in the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design? There is a single reference to “Barrier Removal” in Section 101.2 Entitled “Effect on Removal of Barriers in Existing Facilities”....

Arizona ADA Site Surveys

Privately owned businesses that are open to the general public are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). One of the significant obligations is to remove barriers that are identified in the ADA.  Recent news stories have highlighted civil...

Installation of Toilet Room Sinage (ADA 216.2 & 216.8)

The 2010 ADA Standards require permanent rooms to be identified with signs containing raised characters and Braille. If pictograms are included to designate a toilet room, then the raised characters and Braille are to be installed directly below the pictogram. If the...

Alterations Part III: Application of Funds

After calculating the 20% limit this money must be earmarked for various accessibility elements serving the Primary Function of the building. Question: Can the 20% money be spent on the Primary Function area also, since some of the Primary Area needs new accessible...

Alterations Part II: Path of Travel Cost Calculation

The alteration requirements contain a limit on how much money is required to be spent on accessible elements serving the Primary Area remodel. Question: What limits are placed on alteration costs within the Primary Function Area? Answer: Altered Elements are to be...

Alterations Part I: Primary Function

Section 202.3 of the 2010 ADA Standards requires business occupancies that alter buildings, to do so in a manner which makes their facility readily accessible. Question: What is the primary function rule for alterations? Answer: Section 202.4 says, when primary or...

Construction (field) Tolerances for Accessible Design

Field Tolerances are permitted during construction, but not allowed for design. It is important that designs do not include ± on dimensions, as this would provide a moving target rather than complying dimensions. The field “tolerance” or adjustment” is allowed in...

BDS Code Training Recap for Spring 2014 AZBO Conference

ADA Accessibility Training News & Updates Approximately 40 designers, code officials and consultants attended the two days of accessibility training during the week long 21st Annual AZBO Spring Education Seminar in Tucson this April. The highlights for each day...

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