ADA Accessibility Training News & Updates

Approximately 40 designers, code officials and consultants attended the two days of accessibility training during the week long 21st Annual AZBO Spring Education Seminar in Tucson this April. The highlights for each day serve as a reminder that a civil rights law can be enforced as a code or standard within the built environment. If you missed out on this opportunity, don’t worry. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming ADA training classes this Fall in Prescott.

Highlights/Topics Discussed

Day 1 (April 17, 2014): The 2010 Standards for Accessible Design

  • Arizona adoption requirements
  • History and changes in the ADAAG since 1991
  • Differences between enforcing a building code and the department of Justice Enforcing a Civil Rights Law
  • How the ADA Standards differ from the IBC/ANSI
  • What it means to be “Accessible”
  • How to read, interpret, design, build to and enforce the ADA Standards
  • Accessible routes and exceptions
  • Working with defined terms
  • Critique of ramps, curb ramps, door approaches, and other elements of accessible design

Day 2 (April 18, 2014): ADA for Existing Buildings and Alterations

  • How the ICC existing building code has been coordinated with the ADA
  • Landlord and tenant responsibilities
  • Removal of barriers and how this requirement effects building design and permits
  • Simplifying safe harbors
  • Alterations and identifying primary use areas of a building
  • The good and not-so-good truncated domes
  • What a complete set of building plans should include
  • Better understanding the mixed uses of buildings on a site and how to apply the ADA