Helpful answers on ADA barrier removal:

Where Can I find “Barrier Removal” requirements in the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design?

There is a single reference to “Barrier Removal” in Section 101.2 Entitled “Effect on Removal of Barriers in Existing Facilities”.

Section 101.2 mentions the Department of Justice having sole discretion in enforcement, but where did the requirements go?

The companion document known as the “Americans with Disabilities Act Title III Regulations” covers “Barrier Removal”.

How can I get a copy of these regulations?

They are available for download on the website.

Where do I find the specific requirements?

Sub-part C, Section 36.304 describes “Barrier Removal” requirements.

As I decide on which upgrades to make, what standard should I use?

The “2010 ADA Standards for Accessible design” contain the specific guidelines for making alterations to existing elements.