Privately owned businesses that are open to the general public are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). One of the significant obligations is to remove barriers that are identified in the ADA.  Recent news stories have highlighted civil rights complaints that have been filed against businesses in Arizona, claiming that certain “barriers” still existed on their property. Such claims have focused on inaccessible parking spaces, parking signage which is missing or installed too low, curbs which block the accessible route to the building entrances, and more.

Arizona ADA Compliance Services provided by BDS Code Consulting

One reason these “barriers” exist on a site is that business owners, landlords, and tenants may have believed that their business was permitted an exemption because it existed either before the 2010 ADA or before the 1991 ADA. Few, if any such exemptions for existing business properties apply.

To assess the property for compliance with the accessibility requirements a thorough site survey should be conducted. BDS Code Consulting provides comprehensive ADA Accessibility site surveys and reports so that those properties not currently complying with the ADA can be altered to remove “barriers” so that persons with disabilities can enter and use your facilities.